Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over,
it became a butterfly.



To ensure and improve children's psychological health and well-being by supporting programs that raise awareness and funds to support educational and clinical programs.

The Foundation
The Dancing Queen Foundation has been founded by friends and family and is a loving and dedicated tribute to Dr. Yiota Demetriou...
Why Dancing Queen?
The Dr. Yiota Demetriou Dancing Queen Foundation reflects the inspirational and energetic spirit of its namesake....
The Aims of the Foundation
The promotion of healthy psychology of children, teenagers and their families....
How we achieve our aims
Informing the public and organizing events....

The Dr. Yiota Demetriou The Dancing Queen Foundation was founded by friends and family and is a loving tribute to Dr. Yiota Demetriou whose ambition to help children, in the field of child psychology, was cut short due to a tragic accident in November 2008. The accident was a result of a drunk driver.

Although Dr. Yiota Demetriou did not live to realise her dream, the Foundation aspires to keep her passion for children alive by enhancing the psychological health and welfare of children and their families.

Making educational and clinical support a priority, the foundation strives to meet its objectives by supporting programs as well as raising funds and awareness for children with mental health challenges.

Why 'Dancing Queen' ?

‘Dancing Queen’ captures the inspirational and energetic spirit of Dr. Yiota Demetriou.

Dr. Demetriou, a talented clinical therapist and psychologist, was to become the first PhD recipient in her field, in her native country Cyprus, at the time of her tragic death.

Dr. Demetriou’s exuberant charm, contagious sense of humor and zest for life are what made her stand out in any crowd. She gained the love and respect of friends, colleagues and patients and was nicknamed ‘The Dancing Queen’ because of her free-spirited, fun loving and larger than life personality.

  • To improve and promote the psychological health of children, teenagers and their families;
  • To educate and inform people about problems relating to children, teenagers and their families;
  • To help and support children, teenagers and their families who encounter psychological problems.
  • To donate funds to other institutions which deal with children who have psychological or physical illnesses.
  • To collaborate with public and social services and voluntary institutions which are aligned with the Foundation’s aims.

  • Raising awareness;
  • Cooperating with governing bodies, doctors, psychiatrists and psychologists;
  • Participating in voluntary programs;
  • Providing voluntary, moral and economic support for various services which are associated with child, clinical and medical support;
  • Supporting and organising seminars and educational events which are associated with children’s mental health;
  • Co-operating with the media to promote the foundation;
  • Organizing fundraising events.


The Dancing Queen Foundation provides financial assistance for therapies to families that cannot afford it. To apply for assistance complete and submit the application form below. For more information please contact us.
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