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EVENTS of 2016

8th Annual Charity Walk 2016

On the 6th November 2016 we will be organizing our annual walk under the title “I’d Rather Walk Than Drink and Drive”, which takes place along the pedestrian walkway on the coastline of...
Posted on: 04 , Aug 2016,9:26 AM   Event Date: 06 , Nov 2016   Event Time: 8:00   Location: Limasol Coastline
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DQ Charity Event at MY MALL Limassol

Charity Fete and Bowling Event. This event will be held at the MY MALL in Limassol on the weekend of the 3rd and 4th September.
Posted on: 20 , Jul 2016,6:14 AM   Event Date: 03 , Sep 2016   Event Time: 11:00-18:00   Location: MY MALL Limassol
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Ημέρα Κοινωνικής Δικτύωσης – Παρασκευή 9 Μαΐου

An event supported by YDDQFoundation / Tηv εκδήλωση στηρίζει τo YDDQFoundation
Posted on: 09 , May 2016,7:01 AM   Event Date: 13 , May 2016   Event Time: 11:00 - 17:00   Location: Α’Δημοτική Αγορά Λεμεσού (Παντοπουλείο)
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Street Life Festival 2016

An event supported by YDDQFoundation
Posted on: 10 , Mar 2016,10:50 AM   Event Date: 07 , May 2016   Event Time: 9am - 7:30pm   Location: Saripolou - Limassol Old Town
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Annual Charity Party

Annual Charity Party in celebration of the foundation. We take this opportunity to inform our supporters, members and friends of what the foundation has achieved in the previous year. A big thank...
  Event Date: 06 , Feb 2016   Event Time: 21:00   Location: Columbia Plaza Venue Centre
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