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financial assistance given by the foundation
September 2016 - July 2017

Psychological support€22,040.00
Special- education€16,750.00
Speech therapy€10,390.00
Music Therapy€2,255.00
Sports therapy€300.00
Occupational therapy (via the Miranda Fund) Read More€11,615.00

TOTAL €63,350.00

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To improve children's psychological health and well-being by supporting programs which raise funds and awareness in support of educational and clinical programs.

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The Alma is one of five programmes of the Theotokos Foundation and offers services for early child intervention through its interdisciplinary team, to families with children between the ages of 0-8 who display problems in any sector of development or children who are in the high risk category (e.g. premature) which may present problems growing up.

Alma gives specific emphasis to the provision of information, and advisory and psychological support to the parents.

From September 2012 it also has an afternoon program of intervention for older children.

In the last three years a special relationship has developed with the Dancing Queen Foundation, which was prompted by one of the mothers. Thanks to the foundation, Alma now has six special wheelchairs for children with physical disabilities, new mattresses, equipment for the department of physiotherapy, a Snoezelen room and also paid for training of the personnel of Alma on important methods. In total an amount of €36,000.00 has been donated to Alma.

Niki Kameri – Manager
To Alma - Skills Development Child Center

Scientific Coordinator Department of Child and Adolescent Limassol and Paphos “The DQ Foundation has as a primary role the effort for improvement of the means of support of the mental health of children, teenagers and their families. Through our common vision and the important financial support that was provided to us, we were able to carry out parallel therapy programs of vital importance for the socialization of children and teenagers, and this is only the beginning of a cooperation that has a common goal: the support of children!

Antigoni Vasileiadou & Yannoula Hatjipanayi
Clinical Psychologists

The contribution and financial support that The DQ Foundation provides to children and teenagers with mental health problems as well as to their families, is significant and of vital importance. With its substantial contribution the foundation helps also our services in the materialization of our coming goals, such as therapy programs, the socialization of children and their families. We are thankful for the important and valuable assistance and are looking forward to its continuation.

Dr. Andriani Harmni
Psychiatrist for Children and Teenagers

From 2010 to date, the Dancing Queen Foundation has assisted the Childcare center in the Industrial Area of Limassol to a considerable extent. At this Childcare center, care is given to children whose parents are employed mainly at the factories in the Industrial area and who receive a very low income.

A donation has been made for a large outdoor play gym, three 42″ TVs and three DVD players, used for entertainment and the modernization of teaching. Also, a contribution of €700.00 was given for the installation of safe flooring in the common room.

Evgenios Constantinou
Institutional worker of the Welfare office